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Costa Brava
Burricleta point
Mas Albereda is now a Burricleta Point. The rustic electrical bike is a pedal-assisted bicycle with an electric motor, adapted to facilitate the discovery of the wonderful rural landscapes with uneven terrain.
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Our surroundings
The rural and natural environment that surrounds Mas Albereda favors de option to experiment in your own skin the emotions of a wide variety of adventure activities, always under the supervision of professionals.

Segway, kayak, hot air balloon trip, helicopter trip, canoes, 4x4, horseback riding
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Tracks and BTT routes
Mas Albereda is located close to tracks and important routes that cover the entire Catalan territory, like Meridià Verd or Sant Jaume. Mas Albereda can either be the starting point to this routes or a stop along the way.
Also, Osona has a large amount of traced bicycle routes, with BTT points that offer information and support.
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Osona is one of the richest counties when it comes to Romanic Art manifestations. For this reason, a stay at Mas Albereda can be complemented with a full immersion into this medieval art. Following some of the many Romanic routes available like Vic, Sant Pere de Casserres, les Guilleries or the Valley of Sau.

Viewpoints and landscapes
A car getaway, through the secondary roads in Osona, can quickly take you to landscapes full of enchantment that can be enjoyed with your couple or your entire family, breathing nature to its fullest.

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Cultural Adventure
If you are in Catalonia, visiting Gaudi's art and monuments in Barcelona is a must. You can start your Gaudi's immersion by going to Passeig de Gracia street where you will find la Casa Batlló and La Pedrera.
Finish by going to La Sagrada Familia, Gaudi's most impressive work, still not finished. Climb the stairs to the top, enjoy Bacelona's amazing views and spend an afternoon at Park Güell enjoying the sunset from Les Creus and relaxing at the park.

Barcelona's boroughs
Barcelona is an old city and every borough and alley has its own peculiar history and hidden spots. Walk around them and discover its enchantment.
Visit the Gothic borough. Lose yourself at its multiple alleys and find Les Rambles, the most important street in Barcelona with human statues, birds and flowers stands. The Gothic Cathedral, an icon of the city.
Get to Colon statue and visit Barcelona's port and the Barceloneta beach. The perfect place to have a drink and relax in the summer.
After a nice day at the Beach you can finish the day at el Born, the fashion borough. Multiple bars, restaurants and small shops are located within this area.

Throughout the last few years Catalonia has gained a reputation for its gastronomy. This sudden expectation for Catalan cuisine has been partly due to the avant-garde chef Ferran Adrià. Ferran Adria is widely acknowledged as one of the best chefs in the world but he is just the beginning of an era. Many great chefs are now achieving important awards and are being recognized widely, like Carme Ruscalleda, and the Roca brothers.
Barcelona has many chefs with Michelin Star restaurants worth visiting. Some of them are also opening more casual and economic restaurants or even bars, specialized in selected tapas, sandwiches, etc.
There are also young promising chefs opening bistronomics, term that comes from the words 'bistrot' and gastronomic, delighting us with accurate menus at lower prices than gastronomic restaurants.
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